We get it - they're super expensive. And you've already spent your budget. And your parents have offered you hard cash dollars to elope. But in all honesty, weddings are the most enjoyable gigs we do. Love is in the air, outfits are on point, and everybody attending is eating and drinking for free - Good. Times. We also know that every social group have their own quirks, in-jokes, must-have bangers and no-go songs. That's why we tailor the night to the two of you. If you're the group with the tradition of ties on heads and Daryl Braithwaite's seminal classic "Horses" at 11.45pm every wedding, on your big day we'll be all about that. On a side point, that actually sounds awesome.

As far as band specifics such as PA, Lighting, Sound Engineers, iPod background tunes, wireless microphones, arrival times et al - they're all included in all our packages. We know that you've 110% got more questions however, so you can find a lot more info on our FAQ's page, or simply drop us a line via the form below and we'll get back to you within a few hours.

We're a very lucky band in that we get to work at some venues regularly that we love, and that love us - it's a mutual admiration society. Therefore, if you're getting married at one of the following venues, we offer a 10% discount:

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