We formed in 2012 to fill a gap in the Sydney music scene - too many carbon copy cover bands playing the hits of 2003, not enough good bands playing the songs on the radio right now. Featuring four of the most in-demand under-30 musicians on the Sydney music scene, twentysomethings are rapidly on the rise as local favourites. (And yes, we're aware that we're going to have a huge naming issue in four years time. Guess we'll just become the thirtysomethings in 2020. Or maybe just a one-word band, like a branding agency. "Zenith". Yep.)

Our approach to your event is very simple - we want to play the songs that are going to get your guests on their feet, and keep them there. If that means playing a full set of Kenny Loggins, then I guess that's what has to happen. But whatever we play, we put our own 'Like a Version' indie-dance angle on, so your crowd gets to hear the songs they love, like they've never heard them before.

Who We Are (literally)

Tash Rindfleish - Lead Vocals/Keys/Bandleader


Mitch Clews - Lead Vocals/Guitar


John Clancy - BV's/Bass


Andrew Moseley - BV's/Drums


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